Fall Protech Consulting Ltd. are experienced Fall Protection specialists with a combined experience of more than 30 years. In addition to our training courses we are equipped to provide the following services:

Fall Protection Audits

We will perform work site visits and complete comprehensive audits to help you meet and exceed all regulatory requirements for Fall Protection and Rescue. Call or email us to set up a site visit.

Fall Protection Monitoring and Observation

Are you in need of Fall Protection monitoring and observation and standby services for your work at heights? Call or email us to set up an appointment.

Rescue Standby

Are you requiring Rescue Standby for your at height work and maintenance schedules? We are certified and equipped to help you meet regulatory requirements for rescue standby. Call or email us to discuss.

Fall Protection Anchorages

We can provide consulting services for new rig construction or existing rig retrofitting. Are your derricks and all other structure Fall Protection friendly? Call or email us to discuss.

Fall Protection Equipment and Systems Inspections

We are certified to inspect all equipment and systems to help you meet regulatory requirements for Fall Protection equipment inspections and annual Fall Protection System inspections? Call or email us to discuss.

Vertical & Horizontal Fall Arrest System Installation

We are certified to install all major manufacturers’ fall arrest systems (MSA Sureline systems and TS Rail). We will also remove fall arrest systems as required. Call or email us to discuss.

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